Welcome aboard, Santa!

Ho, ho, ho! We’re delighted to announce that Santa Labs, the one and only company responsible for “Christmas making”, has taken almost all of our leasable area in our projects across Europe. Let the sleigh bells ring and the Christmas spirit spread.

Curious why he chose our projects for his headquarters? Flexibility, well-being and the extra services we offer were the main reasons, but not the only ones.

Scroll down to find out.

Santa Labs in numbers

Christmas elves moving to new headquarters
of our projects are fully leased by Santa Labs
countries now host Santa’s company
and only Santa Claus
Varso Place

Santa on the lookout

It’s never an easy decision to move a company’s headquarters – especially if you spent hundreds of years in the previous one. When Santa began his hunt for a new office, he laid out clear requirements. He needed a perfect place from which he could control the entire Christmas preparation process. And is there a better place in the European Union than Varso Tower – the highest office building?

Varso Place offers panoramic views of the entire continent. The project is excellently connected to various transportation options, so when there is a problem in another part of the world, Santa can easily hop on the Christmas Express and be there in the blink of an eye.

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Green is the new black

For many years, Santa’s business had been strongly linked to fossil fuels. The bad kids were given coal instead of gifts, Santa’s reindeer were powered by “magic powder” and the only acceptable entrance to houses for Santa was a chimney. Thankfully those days are long gone, and Santa has become an advocate of sustainability. And as his opinions changed, so did his business.

With a green future in mind, Santa decided to move a large part of his operations to DSTRCT.Berlin. Santa’s fleet of bike riding reindeer will find a cycle-in garage, showers and even changing rooms here. After work they can relax in an atriumpark with giant trees or on the green panorama rooftop terrace – both resembling their home country.


Learn more about DSTRCT.Berlin

Christmas rush without the stress

The days before Christmas can be stressful. The clocks are ticking and there is still much to do. If you have ever felt the same way, you can imagine the stress the elves had been going through- until this year. Since Santa Labs moved part of its operations to Agora, even during the peak season there has been no rush.

The services located on the ground floor can take care of all the daily needs of even the largest teams. The cafes serving hot cocoa with cookies and the restaurant preparing reindeer’s favourite carrot meals are just the tip of the iceberg. In Agora, you’ll also find the gym that helped Santa lose his belly full of jelly as well as the barber that put the finishing touches to Santa’s iconic beard.

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Bloom Clerkenwell

Get ready, get set, get Christmas

Ever heard about Christmas in summer? We haven’t either. Santa’s business is strictly seasonal, and as soon as Christmas ends, he no longer needs thousands of elves and reindeer. If only there was an office space that could adapt to his needs. Oh wait, there is. In Bloom Clerkenwell.

Thanks to a Ready to Work turnkey solution, Santa’s reindeer and elves don’t need to hit the hay once Christmas is over. On the contrary, they can head to the endless plains of Lapland and return when they’re needed. In the meantime, Santa’s office will shrink to the size he actually needs, saving some Christmas cookies.

Learn more about Bloom Clerkenwell
New Nivy

Little Lapland in the heart of Europe

Packed with greenery with ideal conditions for work, life and relaxing. No, we’re not talking about Santa’s homeland in the north. If there was an option to rename New Nivy to Santaville, Santa would.

The New Nivy district has much in common with Santa’s workshop. The buildings are equipped with state-of-the art technology, but instead of gear wheels you’ll find ones and zeros at New Nivy. Abundant nature is almost everywhere, even inside the buildings, and the reindeer can train on top of the shopping mall for their big day. And not to mention the Nivy shopping mall – a perfect backup if something in the workshop goes wrong.


Learn more about New Nivy

Our services to fly the extra mile

Every manager dreams of office space that enables people to spend their working time in a more relaxed and overall healthier way while being maximally productive. And Santa dreams a lot. But the scope of extra services Santa can use in our projects was even beyond his wildest dreams.


A Christmas state of mind

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? It’s never an easy task to come up with the right gifts. And now imagine you have to think up gifts for millions of children. The elves responsible for Christmas presents need an inspiring environment, which they found at HubHub.

At HubHub, like-minded talent and a culture of opportunity collide – creating the perfect environment for extraordinary things to happen. Such as Christmas. The elves take every brainstorming session by storm, generating endless ideas.

Learn more about HubHub

Pack and unpack – not just gifts

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. Santa is no exception. When Christmas knocks on his door, he needs to hire more helpers so Christmas can start on time. The situation may be familiar to many entrepreneurs, and all of them face the same issue. What about office space? Where should his little helpers sit?

Thanks to Qubes, his workspace can flex to Santa’s changing needs. No more sitting on haystacks or on Santa’s lap. Qubes can solve all of Santa’s office space problems at once. It’s almost as if a magic wand is being waved.

Learn more about Qubes

Elves just wanna have fun

The thought of having to spend days and nights in the office is not a pleasant one. But working long shifts is sometimes necessary, especially when Christmas is coming. It was quite common to see elves just wandering around the office during the peak season. But no longer.

More takes the space experience to a whole new level. If Santa’s little helpers start to run out of steam, they can take part in one of the activities and events that support a festive mood. Or just ask for the moon. Nothing is impossible for the concierge service.

Learn more about More

It’s data, not a miracle

Imagine running an international company based in several countries. Being responsible for delivering millions of gifts. In one single night. What a nightmare. Most of us think it’s impossible, but Santa has always managed.

For hundreds of years, his only secret was a Christmas miracle. Now he can finally rely on data. Symbiosy uses technology to use office space in the most effective way. No more sleepy elven heads or reindeer on their last leg. Santa now has the ability to control the quality of the indoor environment at his fingertips.

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Not an inch wasted

Do you know how many meeting rooms and phonebooths Santa Labs has? And do you know how many it needs? Even Santa didn’t know. When he decided to move his headquarters to new premises, he decided to ask for help. Thankfully, our consultants from Origameo were around.

With help from Origameo, Santa can get the most out of his new office. They help him understand the shortcomings of his current workplace. His meetings won’t be disturbed by the tramping of reindeer any longer, and walking through the entire office to get a cup of hot cocoa is now a thing of the past as well.

Learn more about Origameo

Workspace as a Service

In HB Reavis, we make people’s experiences in the office as enjoyable as possible while enhancing their wellbeing and effectivity.

At HB Reavis we don’t just build places to work. We strive for spaces and environments that make people not hit the snooze button every morning because they’re looking forward to going to work. With real people in mind and supported by tons of research and data, we design and develop smart spaces that enable people to spend their working time in a more relaxed and overall healthier way while being maximally productive. Therefore, we don’t see ourselves as developers, but as international workspace providers.

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